UUUUU. started as a global nail community in 2019, and it has been loved by people all over the world. The name UUUUU. represents the shape of nails while the period at the end illustrates completion. Through our app services, we collaborate with nail artists from various countries, including France, the United States, Japan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and more.

UUUUU. aims to create a new and healthy global nail culture by donating or sharing profits with the creators. In addition to our patented UUUUU Gel nail and Magical Extension Kit, we are also developing new innovative nail products.



UUUUU's nail products are manufactured in Korea, both in Incheon and Seongsu, to maintain high quality.


The Incheon plant is responsible for mass production. We make and test samples of the products we export and focus on producing better quality gel press-ons.


The Seongsu factory is next to the R&D's office for better production.


We are developing and producing innovative gel press-ons using our own technology and system,

and striving to grow as a nail tech company.


Utilizing AI vector graphic technology, creative designs created and proposed by each brand or nail artist can be freely printed through 3D modeling. We can manufacture products with various designs in less than an hour.

New Material for Gel Nail

It is a dripping process that is made by layering gel and is shaped like a U-curve with thin edges and a thick center. The specially processed UV gel makes the liquid gel only 50% hardened, making it soft and flexible, so it can be applied according to the size of the individual nail, and it adheres to the nail completely for a natural look.


5U's patented self gel nail extensions method doesn't stick to the nail and doesn't damage it. They can be applied over gel nail stickers, baked, peeled off, and reused semi-permanently.

Production process

UUUUU Gel Press-ons


We work with

UUUUU has continued to expand its branding by collaborating with several brands,

and has produced gel press-ons in a variety of designs and concepts.